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Occupational Therapy Assessments

Occupational therapists can help children and young adults, adults and older adults with neurodiverse conditions, this includes, learning disabilities, mental health (including dementia), autism, ADHD, dyspraxia and dyslexia. 

When you make contact it is helpful to say what you would like from occupational therapy to ensure we can meet your needs. We will then book a free telephone consultation to discuss your needs further. 

Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD) Assessments for children and adults:

DCD, also known as dyspraxia in the UK, is a common disorder affecting fine or gross motor co-ordination in children and adults. There is a limited service in the NHS for the diagnosis of DCD in children and adults. We can provide an assessment and report. We will send you a questionnaire prior to the face to face assessment. The face to face assessment will be based in the Hitchin clinic and will take 2 hours to complete. A comprehensive report will follow. 

Sensory Processing Analysis for children and adults:

Sensory processing difficulties is commonly associated with neurodiverse conditions, especially adults and children with DCD and autism. We can provide the assessment and report. We will send you a questionnaire via email. We can analysis the results and generate a comprehensive report. We will then offer a 45 minute consultation session to discuss your results either via phone, Skype or at the Hitchin clinic. 

Sensory work for adults with dementia:

We can help adults with dementia enjoy life by using sensory approaches. We can complete a sensory assessment to understand the sensory patterns and provide the care home with a range of sensory-based activities. This assessment will take up to 1 hour to complete in the home and a comprehensive can be generated. 

Handwriting assessment for children and young adults in higher education:

Most children with DCD, autism and dyslexia will have handwriting difficulties. This can include letter formation, speed and legibility. We can provide an assessment and report using a standardised test. The assessment will take about 1 hour and is completed in the Hitchin clinic. A report will be generated which can be shared with school and university. 

Evaluation of daily living skills for adults:

We have a range of standardised assessments to help you understand how you are performing daily living activities and what help you require in the future. We have completed assessments for adults with a disability who are seeking a divorce and adults who need evidence that their care needs have changed. This assessment is usually completed in the home and will take up to 2 hours to complete. A compehensive report is also generated. 

Assessment for, and the issue of equipment: 

Equipment can your enhance your ability to safe perform everyday activities. If you are struggling to get out of chair, or in and out of the bath then equipment can be issued to help you. This assessment is always completed within the home and can take up to 1 hour to complete.

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