Ongoing Occupational Therapy Sessions

We can offer ongoing treatment sessions depending on your needs. We can offer the sessions in your home or in a clinic based setting. Each session usually last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Here are some examples of treatment we have delivered in the last 6 months: 

  • Sensory stimulation work: Using techniques such as TacPac and sensory processing techniques. We have advised on appropriate sensory activities for adults and older adults with dementia in nursing homes. 

  • Tailored fine motor skills programme: A short programme of 6 weeks to strengthen fingers, wrists and shoulder stability to support fine motor activities and support children with hypermobility in hands and fingers. 

  • Reminisce work: Completed comprehensive history of the person to understand appropriate use of reminisce and what activities to do offer. This ensure it is a positive experience and pitched at the right level for participation. 

  • 6 - 12 week skill development programme: Using client goals of cooking, going out and cleaning teeth. We used visual aids and an approach called activity analysis to practice functional skills. 

  • Handwriting programmes: Using Speed Up! to help children with handwriting speed and fluency.  

  • Exercises and falls prevention work: Practising a short programme of exercises to support fall prevention at home

  • Coaching sessions: Meeting up and discussing how best to engage in meaningful activities. Helpful for adults with dyslexia and dyspraxia struggling at work and at home.  

  • Pet therapy sessions: using a pet therapy trained dog to support adults with learning disabilities and autism to gain confidence in the community. 

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