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Exercise 4 health and happiness

Being part of the local community can helps us to feel healthy and happy. 

Exercise 4 health and happiness helps combat social isolation in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.


We do this by:

  • Visits to your home, if you are unable to get out. We can practice exercises to help you maintain strength and energy. We can spend some time talking and getting to know each other. 

  • Joining a local exercise group for health and happiness (coming soon)

  • Use the YouTube videos with your family members (coming soon)

  • Download the exercise for health and happiness booklet to do with friends and families in your own time (coming soon)

  • We can come and run groups at your local day centres, residential and nursing homes.

 Exercise routine will be adapted to meet your health needs. The exercises tend to focus on four elements:

1. Movement: gentle exercise and stretches

2. Breathing: relaxation and laughing

3. Mindfulness: meditation and stillness

4. Body awareness: sensations and postural / core stability. 

The exercises have a blend of yoga, tai chi, laughing therapy and sensory processing techniques. There is a wealth if evidence that when you engage in these activities, your health, wellbeing and happiness improves. This enables you to do the things you need and want to do in your life. 

If exercise seems too much for you or a loved one. We can offer a more tailored service based on sensory techniques, cognitive stimulation therapy and reminiscence therapy.

More information go to

Recently we have been working with a day centre running Excerise for Health workshops. 

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