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Pet Therapy

Brunel is our chocolate labrador who is working as an occupational therapy assistant dog. He enjoys working with a range of people. He currently supports adults with mental health issues and people with learning disabilities. He loves playing with his soft toys, especially when he win tug of war! He also loves eating chicken!
Some of the benefits of pet therapy are:

•The facilitation of communication and social interactions

•To facilitate the expression of feelings

•To brighten mood and affect and lessen anxiety

•To help to explore grief and loss issues

•To help to improve reality orientation

•To help to improve the ability to cooperate

•To increase the ability to trust

•To help learn appropriate forms of touch

•To help to improve self-esteem and self worth

•To provide an opportunity to show affection

•To learn new skills

•To aid relaxation

•To create a homelike environment

•To enhance motivation

Check out the poster presentation on Pet Therapy and Occupational Therapy here

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