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Price List 

The assessments include reports, please do let us know if you do not require a report. Payment is made after an invoice has been generated. Please also see terms and conditions for payment details. Prices are correct as August 2023

Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD) Assessments for children and adults: £520

Full assessment using standardised assessments, clinical observations and questionnaires. 

Sensory Processing Analysis for children and adults: £300

Using a standardised assessment questionnaire and a consultation. In some cases a clinical observation in school maybe required. 

Handwriting assessment for children (9+ years old) and young adults in higher education: £220

Full standardised assessment of handwriting, including legibility, speed, pencil grip and visual perception. 

Fine motor skills assessment and brief report: £220

Structured fine motor activities to review strengths and limitations in fine motor performance. 

Full Occupational Therapy assessment and report (not for EHCP): £520

Full assessment using standardised assessments and clinical observations to identify difficulties in sensory processing, fine and gross motor skills, visual perception and occupational performance skills. 

Evaluation of daily living skills for adults using standardised assessment: £220

A summary of how well someone can complete daily living activities based on clinical observations and standardised assessments. 

Occupational Performance and / or Neurodiverse Coaching sessions: £75 (50 minutes)

One to one session either on Zoom or in clinic 

Treatment session: £75 (50 minutes)

Goal based intervention to improve occupational performance skills in self care, school tasks and leisure activities

Supervision session for professionals: £70 for up to 60 minutes

Consultation: please contact us for details

Training for up to 25 people: £600 for a full day (all handouts included), £350 for half day (all handouts included)

Admin: £75 a hour

Travel: 0.55p a mile from the base in Hitchin. Over 30 minutes an additional flat rate of £25 is added

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