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Tips, Tricks and Hacks for doing everyday occupations for children and adults HANDWRITING PART ONE

November 14th 2020

Handwriting: environmental tips!

Setting up the environment is vital for enabling handwriting. Here are your tips from Hayley Goodwin, occupational therapist:

  • Correct seating involves the 90-90-90 rule. This means that when seated at a desk, we want to ensure the following:

  • Feet flat on the floor 90 degrees at ankles

  • Knees bent at 90 degrees

  • Hips at 90 degrees

  • The top of the desk should be approximately 2 inches above the elbows when the arms are bent at the student’s side. This will ensure that the neck, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers muscles are relaxed.

  • Feet to be firmly placed on the floor. If you cannot place your feet on the floor use a footstool or books to provide more stability.

For extra support:

Writing slope, a large ring binder or an easel helps put the wrist in a functional writing position. It is also helpful for people with reduce shoulder stability.

A wobble cushion or a weighted lap pad can provide extra input to maintain an upright position for handwriting.


Incorrect seating posture impacts directly on postural alignment, quality and quantity of handwriting.

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