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Occupational Therapy Assessment - AMPS

Assessment of motor and process skills (AMPs)

The Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS) is an innovative observational assessment that is used to measure the quality of a person’s activities of daily living (ADL).

It is also my personal favourite assessment as it has been standardised internationally and cross-culturally on more than 100,000 subjects!! This makes it a gold standard assessment to use across all age groups. It can be used with children from 2 years to older adults.

AMPs is administered when there is concern about how someone is performing their everyday activities. It gives ADL measure which can help understand why someone is struggling, get them the care they require and/ or help with intervention planning.

The AMPs is great for neurodiverse population as it clearly can demonstrate the challenges you might be having with your activities of daily living. It can then help you to get you the support you need to live more independently.

The AMPS transforms the misleadingly simple act of watching someone vacuuming the floor

into the highly complex and skilled assessment that it is in reality.

The assessment can take place in the clinic space, your home or in the community. It is part of a wider occupational therapist assessment. If you would like more information or to book an assessment please contact us.


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