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Occupational Therapy Assessment - Beery VMI

Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration, (Beery VMI) provides the occupational therapist with information on the development of an individual’s visual and motor abilities or hand / eye coordination. These skills are the foundations for many of your child’s everyday activities.

The test has three sections:

  1. how efficiently the visual and motor are integrated or talking to each other

  2. Visual perceptual skills (more about this in future blog).

  3. Motor control

This helps us to understand where the difficult lies and helps us to develop an intervention plan

Difficulties you might notice with your child which would mean they might need an assessment are activities which require using your hands and eyes together such as:

  • Using scissors

  • Handwriting and colouring in

  • Dressing- shoelaces and buttons

  • Catching a ball

  • Playing games in the playground

  • Coping and drawing shapes

  • Doing puzzles

If you notice your child has difficulties or avoids these tasks the Berry VMI might help to explain why. To book an assessment or discuss your needs. Please contact us.


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