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School related tasks

Understanding how your child engages in school related tasks and learning activities such as handwriting and using tools; scissors and rulers. As well physical demands in school. 

Leisure and Play

Play, playfullness and leisure activities are important skills and strongly contribute to someone's physical and mental wellbeing. 

Private occupational therapy practice for children and adults who are neuro-spicy. 

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> Possible appointments available at weekends. 

> Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas 

How Occupational Therapy can help you? 

Getting the right support and help

By helping you to get the right diagnosis we can support and coach you to develop skills for independent living and perform better at school or in the workplace. 

We can help with the identification of:

  • Dyspraxia / Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)

  • Sensory Processing Difficulties 

  • Handwriting issues 

Having a comprehensive assessment of needs and strengths in daily living activities can help get the right support for yourself or your child. 

Help you do the activities you love to do

Doing occupations and leisure activities help keeps us health and happy.


Sometimes illness or disability stops us doing previously loved activities which has a negative impact on how we feel.


We know that there are lots of reasons why we might stop doing and participating in meaningful leisure and pleasurable activity.  

Occupational therapy can help you to understand why we stopped or have difficulty doing a valued activity. 

Play is a primary occupation for children and an occupational therapist can help your child to engage in meaningful play. 


Learn new skills for independent learning and living 

 Learning new skills or adapting the activity can help you to live more independently and do the activities you love to do. This will give you meaning and purpose to your routine. 

Being able to be an independent learner can also help with academic outcomes. 

Environment is also key for engagement. Without the right enviornment we will have more difficulties to do a task. We can make suggestions on safer and more productive environment especially for people with mental health issues and learning disabilities. 

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