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Coaching and Supervision 

Coaching sessions for adults:

We will meet up and discuss how best to engage and perform everyday activities. We can talk about managing stress and anxieties or other mental health issues which are impacted by your health condition.  

This type of coaching is especially helpful for adults with neurodiversity conditions struggling at work and at home

These sessions are based in the Hitchin clinic and will last 45 minutes per session. 

We can provide supervision and coaching for support staff who are engaging clients in meaningful activities. We currently provide:

  • Indvidual supervision 

  • Group supervision 

  • Observed practice session 

  • Coaching sessions

We can also come and meet with activities coordinators who are feeling stuck and inspire new ideas in care homes for adults with dementia. 

Recently we have been working with two mental health service providers, training and developing staffs' skills in offering and delivering recovery focused activities with outcome measures. This may have contributed to their outstanding CQC rating. 

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