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As a person who with dyslexia and ADHD I like the term neurodiversity. Many individuals who embrace the concept of neurodiversity believe that people with differences do not need to be cured; they need help and accommodation instead. Taking a social-disability model instead of a medical model for treatment. Many people with a neurodiverse label feel it to be less stigmatising than the diagnostic labels for the individual conditions.

It's worth noting that no two people with neurodiversity are the same. Everyone will presents differently but one thing we all would appear to have in common is that the way our brains work can lead to us realising great potential. There are many strengths to having a neurodiverse condition. 


The research shows that people who have neurodiverse conditions are more likely to experience anxiety and depression, which is why we support people with their overall wellbeing and help them perform everyday tasks with more confidence.


Get in touch and share your experience. 




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