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Occupational Therapy Assessments - Movement ABC-2

Movement ABC-2

This assessment helps to identify children who have motor function impairment such as dyspraxia. The assessment is for children ages 3-16 and is spilt into 3 age categories each containing 8 motor tasks. This tasks assess fine motor, ball skills and balance.

The Movement ABC 2 is standardised in the UK and has excellent reliability and validity data making it the gold standard standardised assessment for dyspraxia.

The Movement ABC 2 can be used to help to understand if a child is having motor difficulties in school, at home or in the community. A child might need this assessment if they are having some of the following difficulties:

  • Trips and falls

  • Difficulties with dressing

  • Uncoordinated or clumsy

  • Struggling with PE, ball games and playground activities

  • Fine motor difficulties including handwriting

  • Unable to ride a bike

  • Dropping or spilling items

  • Gets frustrated when playing with toys

This assessment is part of a global assessment of a child’s needs. The occupational therapist will also gather information from a range of sources to get a better understanding of your child’s strengths and limitations. The assessment can take place at our clinic, in schools or in a person’s home.

The assessment helps to evaluate how the movement difficult is impacting on the child’s ability to participate in everyday tasks. It can help guide intervention to allow your child to be as independent as possible

To book an assessment or discuss your needs. Please contact us.


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