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Tips, Tricks and Hacks for doing everyday occupations for children and adults - PRE WRITING

Prewriting shapes:

Pre-Writing skills often follow a developmental pattern, starting with basic scribbling and moving through a sequence. Forming shapes is the foundation for forming letters so it’s a great place to start. The typical development pattern includes:

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When working on letter formation and pre writing shapes it helps to use a multi-sensory approach.

SOUND: Use sounds to provide verbal input eg: ‘around, up and down’,

MOVEMENT: moving arms or fingers in the shape of letters. Trace over the letters and use vertical surfaces such as wall or window.

TOUCH: make letters out of theraputty or tissue paper, draw letters in shaving cream or paint and encourage pupils to form letters on paper, chalk boards and white boards. Lollypop sticks are great to create pre writing shapes.


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